This song – Wishes – is about…

What do you wish for? Fame? Fortune? True love? Perhaps an original pressing of “Meet the Beatles”? This song is about looking back. Wishing that time could be reset, polishing off one’s mistakes into a brilliance that blinds regret. The regrets of words spoken, of dark chords played. “Wishes” has a New Sound, because it was demanded from on High, both figuratively and literally.

“Wishes” – a poem

There is too much tragedy in the old melodies.

Too much hurt in the old songs. And I’m left, wanting more.

More time

More chances.

More new songs to dance to…

More wishes.

For what might have been.

I only wish you were here…

“Wishes” – The Audio Process

When my producer, Kevin Clock, said “Johnny, when you sing the line, ‘As I beat a path from the devil’s door’, I hear a man who is not only running for his life, he is sprinting to keep his soul!” He continues, “So to emphasize your pace of desperation, let’s skip the drums and go with foot stomps and upright bass to galvanize that you’re making tracks from Hades. And you’re cutting it CLOSE. I’m hearing a spirited Irish Dirge – Let’s go for it!”


Replacing a full drum kit with foot stomps and hand claps?? Yikes, I’ve never done anything like  that. And with “Wishes”, we most certainly have ventured into new sonic territory. The lyrics continue the dichotomy between the age-old tug of war: Good vs. evil, regret vs. yearning. But the rhythm is new and raw and emphasizes the urgency of the melody. The video thought process reinforces that struggle, opening with the wholesome bucolic Americana images of Barns and fields of barley, compared with the purity of the farmer’s daughter – let’s call her “Bonnie”—as she transforms herself from wide-eyed innocence into the Devil’s Daughter. Only the pitchfork remains the same giving you a glimpse of what has passed and what is still to come.

“Wishes” -- From a Technical Video Standpoint

The live footage for the “Wishes” video on YouTube was shot outside at Cervantes in Denver. All the “Barnyard Band Scenes” were shot utilizing a drone, mounted with a 4K camera. From the opening night time city scape shot to the closing crowd / hay bale/ hey babe shot, the capabilities of the drone enhances director Steve Brown’s vision. He wanted to capture the uplifting feel good power of the Brighton Project live. We’re a fun group to see and participate with in concert. I wrote this stuff, I should know!! Party with us, and as the video of “Wishes” illustrates – Party we most certainly did! I only WISH that you – all of you – were here!! See you soon, Rock on ya’ll!  


"Laissez la bon temps rouler!"


--Love, Johnny

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