Johnny Writes Vol. 3

"The Brighton Project"
Dateline: Saint Croix; August 29, 1817
New Orleans (Is Sinking)
"We continue to sail the Caribbean Sea;
the Trade Winds favour our three masted fleet footed schooner, 
and we make great time, arriving in the Port' O New Orleans in record time.
Oh, And the Band is well rehearsed & scorchin' HOT !
Thanks to our Crack Crew, we avoided the historic storms that we hear
have made land and decimated New Orleans. Word spreads that the
City has taken on water and there are many casualties.  
The storm has since passed, but We sail into the waters of a broken City.
We  arrive and this song is our documentary of life in 
New Orleans, post Katrina.  We lived in the French Quarter,
walked through the Lower Ninth Ward.  We are forever scarred.
We also got the first broadcast out of New Orleans from Tippatina's
on New Year's Eve, And We Got It Out to the WORLD!
Two years ago, when Warren and I created "Bourbon Street Stories"
and included The Tragically Hip's New Orleans (Is Sinking),
we thought we were adding a wonderful compliment to the album.
We had No Idea that Gordon was sick and singing like it was his
last days on earth.  And so, we proceed, and we ROCK!
Just like he'd want us to.  Everything we recorded and video'd is
an homage to the original with our experiences post Katrina blended in.
That's the Brighton Story - enjoy & let's set sail to parts Unknown!
Please download (& Buy) the tunes!
Here we GO!
And Please say a Prayer for the lead singer, introspective visionary and lead clown
of the Tragically Hip - Gordon Downie.




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The Brighton Project