Johnny Writes Vol. 2

"The Brighton Project"


  Dateline: Honduras; October 26, 1816


"Oh my, what a Morning!"

(Oscar Wilde)

We Are at FULL SAIL!


Wow, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind, this past month.

All of the recordings are coming to fruition, the videos

are crazy good - and "WHEN IT RAINS" is getting

hundreds of views on YouTube - Merci & Thanks to all of You!


Warren & I are truly touched by how all of our

Friends are getting on board to the Brighton Project - 

YOU ROCK!!  And this digital web that we all weave

has me intrigued and inspired - we have friends

in ICEland - how does THAT happen?


Two guys from Denver, Colorado write songs about

New Orleans - "Bourbon Street Stories" - and a guy

from ICEland digs the song and buys it!!


My Point is:  If Jens from Iceland can find, Like us and download the song for 99¢, then Why Can't YOU and Your friends?!?  Right??  So PLEASE help us get the music out!


Anyhoo, here WE GO!

We thank you for all of your interest & support - 

Couldn't do it without You!


"NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING" - our walking tour

of post-Katrina New Orleans comes out ("drops" for all you hipsters)

on November 14th - put it in your Smart Timers™, y'all!


And let’s thank all of these outstanding musicians who are

rocking this Project OUT!   

drums: Scotty Rivera, Christian Teele

bass: Bijoux Barbosa, Dave Zur, Ashley Authement

keyboards: "Jungle" Jimmy Ayers, Tom Capek

backing vocals: SuCh, Pamelagrace, Julie Monley, Sharon Marie

horns:  Matt Buchard, Carrie McCune, Bryan Gannon, Jon Kenney, 

Rich Duston, David Bernot, Johnathan Speek 

violin: Brandon Raun


And None of this would happen without the Crack Technical Crew that isTeam Brighton - Sound & Vision:  Kevin Clock, Steve Brown, Brandon Meagher, Lynnae Rome, Matt Vinson, Nathan Crumrine, Jeff Vinson, Kevin Pierre, Jessica Hamm, Seth Hollomon, Alex Milinkov, Dan Steffes, Jim Hucks, Dylan Brown, Marla Keown, Monica Brown, Duncan Goodman, Matt Greer, Sam Peters, Suzi Carlson & the Go Go Girls,Gale Ingram, Sheena Wright,

Ashley Behabetz, Alex DeCesaro, Hazel Miller and Mile Hi Marc Stout.


Hollah!!  Blessings to yah - YOU ALL ROCK!!  

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