Happy Heartbreak Day, Ya'll!!

                 As William Shakespeare once wrote: “It’s a tale, told by an idiot. Love has a sound, full of the sound of thunder and the shock of fury, and yet, it signifies nothing.” What is passion, but the creative sound of fury? Covering the 60’s classic, “Baby It’s You”, this song not only captures the feel and flavor of that era, it exudes a passion and earns a place on Bourbon Street Stories (Part 1). Abandoned and crushed in New Orleans, I was alone. All alone – Johnny B. and the party goers stuck solo dancing with the ghosts and vampires by the fountain in Jackson Square. They dance, with glee, upon the wreckage of broken hearts and wilted roses. The Good Time Charlies and the Second Line Parade Revelry only amplified my loneliness, drowning in a Spanish moss fog. And in that space... 

Quite the Juxtaposition!


                  The All Night Feel good happenings of being down on Bourbon Street, versus one man, holding a wilted rose – now that – makes for good musical and dramatic stuff – Enjoy!!

                  When I got home to Colorado and started sorting out the twisted and shattered pieces of Heartbreak, I felt I had an album, but was missing a sonic link from the past to the present. I shared this perceived musical gap with a friend and she agreed. “How about ‘Baby It’s You’?”, came the suggestion. I dropped the needle in the groove, could hear it from the first bar, could hear the horns (that didn’t exist) in a Group Called Smith’s version, but I could hear – LOUD & CLEAR – the vocal, the angel, the yearning, and the grit. I got it, lock stock, and I had found the next Brighton Project track!

                  And that’s my story… To all of you who have lived to love, felt the fire, the passion and the heart pulverizing pain – and yet somehow, someway, we still believe in the chance to love again, enjoy “Baby It’s You”, Oh yes I do!


Laissez le bon temps rouler!



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