This song – Wishes – is about…

What do you wish for? Fame? Fortune? True love? Perhaps an original pressing of “Meet the Beatles”? This song is about looking back. Wishing that time could be reset, polishing off one’s mistakes into a brilliance that blinds regret. The regrets of words spoken, of dark chords played. “Wishes” has a New Sound, because it was demanded from on High, both figuratively and literally.


Happy Heartbreak Day, Ya'll!!

                 As William Shakespeare once wrote: “It’s a tale, told by an idiot. Love has a sound, full of the sound of thunder and the shock of fury, and yet, it signifies nothing.” What is passion, but the creative sound of fury? Covering the 60’s classic, “Baby It’s You”, this song not only captures the feel and flavor of that era, it exudes a passion and earns a place on Bourbon Street Stories (Part 1). Abandoned and crushed in New Orleans, I was alone. All alone – Johnny B. and the party goers stuck solo dancing with the ghosts and vampires by the fountain in Jackson Square. They dance, with glee, upon the wreckage of broken hearts and wilted roses. The Good Time Charlies and the Second Line Parade Revelry only amplified my loneliness, drowning in a Spanish moss fog. And in that space... 


Johnny Writes Vol. 3

"The Brighton Project"
Dateline: Saint Croix; August 29, 1817
New Orleans (Is Sinking)
"We continue to sail the Caribbean Sea;
the Trade Winds favour our three masted fleet footed schooner, 
and we make great time, arriving in the Port' O New Orleans in record time.
Oh, And the Band is well rehearsed & scorchin' HOT !
Thanks to our Crack Crew, we avoided the historic storms that we hear
have made land and decimated New Orleans. Word spreads that the
City has taken on water and there are many casualties.  
The storm has since passed, but We sail into the waters of a broken City.
We  arrive and this song is our documentary of life in 
New Orleans, post Katrina.  We lived in the French Quarter,
walked through the Lower Ninth Ward.  We are forever scarred.
We also got the first broadcast out of New Orleans from Tippatina's
on New Year's Eve, And We Got It Out to the WORLD!
Two years ago, when Warren and I created "Bourbon Street Stories"
and included The Tragically Hip's New Orleans (Is Sinking),
we thought we were adding a wonderful compliment to the album.
We had No Idea that Gordon was sick and singing like it was his
last days on earth.  And so, we proceed, and we ROCK!
Just like he'd want us to.  Everything we recorded and video'd is
an homage to the original with our experiences post Katrina blended in.
That's the Brighton Story - enjoy & let's set sail to parts Unknown!
Please download (& Buy) the tunes!
Here we GO!
And Please say a Prayer for the lead singer, introspective visionary and lead clown
of the Tragically Hip - Gordon Downie.




Johnny Writes Vol. 2

"The Brighton Project"


  Dateline: Honduras; October 26, 1816


"Oh my, what a Morning!"

(Oscar Wilde)

We Are at FULL SAIL!


Wow, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind, this past month.

All of the recordings are coming to fruition, the videos

are crazy good - and "WHEN IT RAINS" is getting

hundreds of views on YouTube - Merci & Thanks to all of You!


Warren & I are truly touched by how all of our

Friends are getting on board to the Brighton Project - 

YOU ROCK!!  And this digital web that we all weave

has me intrigued and inspired - we have friends

in ICEland - how does THAT happen?


Two guys from Denver, Colorado write songs about

New Orleans - "Bourbon Street Stories" - and a guy

from ICEland digs the song and buys it!!


My Point is:  If Jens from Iceland can find, Like us and download the song for 99¢, then Why Can't YOU and Your friends?!?  Right??  So PLEASE do it.


Anyhoo, here WE GO!

We thank you for all of your interest & support - 

Couldn't do it without You!


"NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING" - our walking tour

of post-Katrina New Orleans comes out ("drops" for all you hipsters)

on November 14th - put it in your Smart Timers™, y'all!


And let’s thank all of these outstanding musicians who are

rocking this Project OUT!   

drums: Scotty Rivera, Christian Teele

bass: Bijoux Barbosa, Dave Zur, Ashley Authement

keyboards: "Jungle" Jimmy Ayers, Tom Capek

backing vocals: SuCh, Pamelagrace, Julie Monley, Sharon Marie

horns:  Matt Buchard, Carrie McCune, Bryan Gannon, Jon Kenney, 

Rich Duston, David Bernot, Johnathan Speek 

violin: Brandon Raun


And None of this would happen without the Crack Technical Crew that isTeam Brighton - Sound & Vision:  Kevin Clock, Steve Brown, Brandon Meagher, Lynnae Rome, Matt Vinson, Nathan Crumrine, Jeff Vinson, Kevin Pierre, Jessica Hamm, Seth Hollomon, Alex Milinkov, Dan Steffes, Jim Hucks, Dylan Brown, Marla Keown, Monica Brown, Duncan Goodman, Matt Greer, Sam Peters, Suzi Carlson & the Go Go Girls,Gale Ingram, Sheena Wright,

Ashley Behabetz, Alex DeCesaro, Hazel Miller and Mile Hi Marc Stout.


Hollah!!  Blessings to yah - YOU ALL ROCK!!  

Johnny Writes Vol. 1

The Brighton Project, Bourbon Street Stories:  
New Orleans brewed Rock

"...On a sultry day in 1764, Captain Johnny Brighton & Lt. Cmndr. Warren DuBois set sail with full crew aboard their schooner, the HMS Bourbon Street, recently liberated from His Majesty's Naval Service. They set sail for New Musical Horizons.

Looking to complete their musical vision, the ship headed into uncharted waters, with just a candle and a parchment map, torn and tattered. They knew the map held clues to finding the other Lost Musical Souls needed to build and complete their musical band of Jolly Rogers. Their oceanic journey ultimately found them anchored in the port of the City of New Orleans.

They found fine Ivories from the South Horn, and in Jungle Jim Ayers, created the best in imported keyboardists. Needing an anchor - literally - musical alchemist Dr. Zur, forced to evade trumped up charges in Borneo, stowed away with his bass guitar below deck in the wine cellar to hold down the low end. Holding down the beat with his finger lickin' good rhythmic stylings is Lt. Scotty Rivera. The hottest horns in the West Indies, aka "The Kids", added their blast, and Miss SuCh put her exotic vocal icing on the Brighton Project musical cake.

Lastly, Capt. Johnny B. re-examined the map and set a course for the Crescent City, creating "Bourbon Street Stories. This musical tapestry of heartbreak, yearning, and roses finds our leading man moving through a sonic movie in and around Bourbon Street, fueled by Fireball, Captain Morgans and Bottomless Ales. Into a world of rose vendors, vampires and dancin' girls - Ooo la la - and, as an aside for our Singer Lad: Gentleman Johnny Brighton (now Captain Brighton) has been disinherited, marooned and abandoned for his clownish, anti-authoritarian behaviors. "He's a bad egg," they say. Some of the Empire's best doctors and protagonists attempted to treat his malfeasance. All to no avail.

Their medical conclusion: "Johnny is incurable, but Holy Shit, can he sing! Conclusion: Give him a Band! 
Feather quill dipped in ink: Foreheretowith known as The BRIGHTON PROJECT. And the rest, as they say, is HISTORY.

So, without any further adieu, sit back, listen and enjoy the music: the swirling Hammond organ, the horns and the back up beauties.

The original Rock of The Brighton Project. 


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